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Thank you so much, my love! I’m glad you do, this blog certainly wouldn’t work without you guys! <3 

( Yes i know this gif is from another great medical show, but what I say? JD gets me xD )

"For me "The Good fight" was one of the most beautiful episodes ever made in the whole series."

"Biggest moment of disappointment: When Abby relapses as an alcoholic and sleeps with Moretti. It’s like just when I thought everything was perfect for her, this had to happen!"

"I was never a fan of how Weaver was treated when she first came in season 2. Everyone made her out to be this horrible person when really she was just doing her job and what she felt was best."

"I develop love-hate relationships with characters. I was glad Romano was dead at one point, and now I adore him. Skye Wexler was exactly the same. And I’m dreading whoever’s next."

Ask is open and ready to get some confessions! Also? any suggestion for my next fanvideo?

"Jing-Mei was so under appreciated during her time on the show. After her baby storyline they essentially reduced her to Pratt’s love interest which annoyed me, despite how much I liked them together. I LOVE JING-MEI."

"I just finished When Night Meets Day and although I’m amazed by cinematography of this episode, my heart is broken because of Carter. It’s really hard to watch him when he’s so unhappy."

"I love Jeanie Boulet and thought Gloria Reuben was genuinely one of the best actors on the show and it makes me sad that she kinda gets forgotten about."