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"Jing-Mei was so under appreciated during her time on the show. After her baby storyline they essentially reduced her to Pratt’s love interest which annoyed me, despite how much I liked them together. I LOVE JING-MEI."

"I just finished When Night Meets Day and although I’m amazed by cinematography of this episode, my heart is broken because of Carter. It’s really hard to watch him when he’s so unhappy."

"I love Jeanie Boulet and thought Gloria Reuben was genuinely one of the best actors on the show and it makes me sad that she kinda gets forgotten about."

"During season 8 I didn’t think I could accept anyone taking over for Mark when he finally passed because he had always been the leader of the E.R., however, when Carter gave Gallant the same speech that Mark had given him when he was just a Med Student, I just knew he was the right character to fill Mark’s shoes. Mark had always been a role model and I was so proud to see Carter stepping up and taking over. I’m sure if Mark had a choice in who filled his position, he would choose Carter."

"When Morgenstern came back in season 15 I wanted to cry, he was one of my favorite and I missed him so much."

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"I don’t understand why the ER fandom does not love Maria Bello. She is amazing! Who cares if Anna was a regular just in one full season? Maria Bello deserves all our love. PLEASE TUMBLR LOVE MARIA BELLO."